By Ryan Elmore

There’s no doubt about it, the legal cannabis industry is full of swindlers, scammers, used car salesmen, and snake oil. It’s the nature of the beast when you’re dealing with a market that has generally only previously existed in illegal spaces and is now demanding the attention of investors and corporations everywhere. Whether they actually have a viable product/service or not, everyone wants to get in on the money flowing through the growth of legal cannabis.

This issue is exacerbated by the fact that many of the top cannabis experts have little to no business background (and thus are easy prey for smooth-talking salespeople), and the well-meaning investors and financial backers generally don’t know the first scientific/medical thing about modern cannabis. No matter which side is looking to deceive and lie their way into some short-term financial gain, there’s almost always a gullible party on the other side willing to bite on whatever they’re selling.

As Forbes has pointed out in a recent feature on cannabis consultant Kristen Yoder, the “BS” in cannabis will only continue to get worse as more risk-taking entrepreneurs decide to enter the market. Thankfully for those of us here at Gladbrook Holdings, it’s not much of a concern for us — and could actually provide an opportunity to move ahead in the otherwise crowded market.

For one thing, Gladbrook Holdings avoids scams, runarounds, and other sticky situations by dealing strictly with our own operators and in full transparency. We know everything that’s going on with our products and our business from start to finish, and we’re always willing to share that with our investors. Actually, we’re so confident in our ability to stay away from these types of swindlers that we even wrote about it in our Guide to Cannabis Investing in an effort to help more entrepreneurs invest soundly.

Of course, it helps that we have the rare combination of experienced business people (from several different industries) and cannabis experts on the medical, scientific, and industrial sides of things. Gladbrook Holdings never has to worry about hiring expensive consultants or bringing in outside sources that may try to rip us off, because we have everything we need already under our banner. Coming from an industry like real estate where there’s no shortage of shady business going on, we’ve been on the lookout for this kind of “BS” since day one.