Eventually, we’re going to reach a point where cannabis is legalized across the country. It’s more a matter of “when” than “if” at this point, and it seems like that time is coming sooner than later. This month, the Senate took a step toward full legalization by voting to pass a bill that would effectively legalize CBD and hemp products.

Of course, that’s big news for CBD producers out there, as the cannabis-derived medication has already proven to be an incredibly versatile and valuable cure for several ailments. With the passing of this bill, there will be significantly less restrictive taxes for CBD producers — and it’ll open up opportunities for both interstate and international commerce going forward.

Although it’s not completely accepted and mainstream just yet, the clearance that CBD products get will help to minimize the stigma associated with the industry as a whole. Licensing and issuance will suddenly have clearer, easier paths, and CBD could serve as the perfect entry point for legal cannabis to truly enter the mainstream pharmaceutical market both in America and around the world.

Considering CBD’s growth both in the cannabis industry as well as in mainstream medicine, Gladbrook Holdings’ next move is to get into the business of CBD production along with our other cannabis products. It should be a simple plug-and-play matter given Gladbrook’s current equipment, and would open up an entire new segment of the market for a reliable company.

There are obviously still quite a few unknowns surrounding the cannabis industry, federal law, and pharmaceuticals, but the most recent move by the government is a clear signal of how close we are to full legalization. As long as CBD continues to be a borderline “medical miracle,” the progress of legalized cannabis everywhere is going to be expedited tremendously.