With the Senate’s vote to pass the 2018 Farm Bill — which would effectively legalize production of hemp and CBD — the cannabis industry is expecting to see quite a bump in the demand for CBD production. That’s not to say that all of the new CBD business will happen for companies that operate within the cannabis industry (particularly with pharmaceutical brands and other outside names undoubtedly looking to capitalize on the hot market), but they’re certainly the most qualified and prepared to handle it.

Considering that producing CBD oil and infused products requires the same general equipment, technology, and practices as much of its THC-based counterparts, top-notch cannabis companies would likely already be equipped to handle the new demand. Combined with the cannabis industry’s working knowledge of even stricter licensing and operating procedures, the two sure seem like a perfect match for each other.

Obviously, we’re a bit biased when it comes to who should be producing and reaping the benefits of the new CBD craze, because Gladbrook Holdings is already looking at breaking into the market for our next move. With the knowledge of science, medicine, business, and cannabis among our expertise, Gladbrook Holdings is in a prime position to capitalize on the expansive opportunities coming into play with the rise of CBD.

There’s no reason to think that CBD will go out of favor anytime soon, as the medical community is only just beginning to appreciate the benefits of it. As the pharmaceutical industry begins to shift and medical cannabis takes its rightful place among the rest, CBD may become a normal part of everyday life — and with that the cannabis industry will have officially entered the mainstream.