Although there’s still uncertainty about exactly how the cross-border interactions and transactions will go down for the Canadian and American cannabis markets, that mystery clearly hasn’t scared off investors much at all.

Major Canadian cannabis investment firms and holding companies are already looking for opportunities to their south, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Even with all of the potential for Canada’s cannabis market, the room for growth in the US is so much higher that it makes our neighbors to the north look like small potatoes. Despite the growing concerns for cannabis investors crossing the border, the payoff in the American market stands to be the kind of legacy-defining money that can provide for a smart investor’s family for generations.

Of course, the biggest market within the US is California’s infant of a cannabis industry, and now is the time when the boldest investors are looking to get into it. Although some of Canada’s biggest names are determined to focus on their own market — due in part to the legal questions still surrounding international cannabis dealings — the investors looking to make the biggest splash are finding ways to jump in before a lot of the major chunks of the American industry can develop too much on their own. Aside from its own cultural significance within the US’s larger cannabis scene, that’s why California has become such a hotbed for Canadian cannabis investors and will likely remain that way as the local industry grows and matures.

But along with the benefits of the American market come the risks of any new cannabis industry. Particularly from across international borders, it can be tough to tell which startups are for real and which are merely penny stocks. As investors and experienced businessmen ourselves, the team here at Gladbrook Holdings understands the dangers of sinking money into a new market in another country, and that’s just one reason why we’re happy to be a California foothold for both domestic and international investors.